Cyber Insurance and Mandatory Reporting

With mandatory reporting legislation (Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme) not far away many businesses should be thinking about how to handle it. The right Cyber Insurance policy is now going to be even more important to Australian Businesses. In our recent Blog Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme we looked at what the new legislation means and who might […]

Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme

Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme The new Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme (NDB) was established after an amendment to the Privacy Act in 2017 . The legislation aims to improve on the protection of personal information, specifically with regards to electronic data.  Unfortunately it is likely to add an additional burden on businesses that handle personal data. […]

Cyber Security Risks: Meltdown & Spectre

Cyber Security Risks: Meltdown & Spectre The recent news that a huge number of chips currently installed in a range of PC’s, laptops and other devices is of concern to many businesses. It represents an unprecedented Cyber Security threat. The two main vulnerabilities, codenamed Meltdown and Spectre are weaknesses that could be exploited by criminals […]

Small Business Insurance & Stamp Duty

Changes are afoot that will affect the way that a Small Business pays Stamp Duty on their insurance premiums. The NSW Government recently announced that it is going to exempt small businesses from paying Stamp Duty on certain insurance premiums from 1/1/2018. In order for a small business to take advantage of this a declaration […]

Business Insurance

What Business Insurance do I need?

What Business Insurance do I need? As an Insurance Broker, clients often ask us ” what Business Insurance do I need?” The answer is not completely straightforward because each business is as unique as the person or team that run it. Some people are more adept at running a businesses than others, some businesses are […]

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