If you’re an event organiser and your event is cancelled or postponed due to unexpected events like natural disasters or utility failure, you could be left significantly out of pocket.

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We can cater a policy around your requirements to cover financial loss resulting from the event being cancelled, shortened, abandoned or postponed because of something outside of the control of the event organiser and the event participants. This might include financial losses caused by:

  • Damage to a venue
  • Natural disasters
  • Utility failure
  • Power failure
  • Non-appearance of key persons
  • Denial of access to a venue
  • Severe adverse weather

Please note that this type of policy is an indemnity policy and will not cover shortfall in attendance or lack of ticket sales, insolvency or financial failure of the event. Other exclusions and conditions may apply but we can talk you through these.

This is generally a short-term policy taken out to cover a one-off event or series of events.

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